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Is It Safe To Run With Out A Rad Fan

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i run tt and flat track ,and want to know if i can take my fan off cause im going to take my battery out cause im gettin a kick start cause i heard that the bike will start runnig crapy with the battery out and the fan still in. or till me what i have to do to keep my fan
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Yes you can run without it, I would recommend getting a temp gauge and watch it like a hawk, when the idiot light comes on its almost always to late. Safest bet is to keep the fan and get a cap, then get rid of the bat an e-start.
i want to keep my fan. but isnt there some kind of reglatore u can put on the fan wireing to keep the bike runing right
Yes you should add a capacitor, GYTR or Trail Tech both offer one
your local best buy will have a capacitor too.. or radioshack...
where you put the capasitor at and how you hook it up
You can put it where ever you want but it gets wired inplace of the battery. Radioshack and Best Buy do not carry them in stores but will order for you. I believe the trail tech one is around $20 which your not gonna get much cheaper from either store.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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