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If you won an auction or purchased an item and the seller has not fulfilled their end of the transaction, you can file a complaint with a number of powerful agencies. There are people who have been taken to court and found guilty for defrauding buyers on auction sites. Be vigilant and take action to recover your losses.

Before filing any complaints, be sure that you have tried all avenues to resolve the situation with your seller. The Federal Trade Commission requires that a seller deliver a purchased item within 30 days, unless the seller had previously stated another time frame. If you have not received your item within 30 days (or the time declared by the seller) and you have no reason to believe the seller is going to follow through, you may want to consider taking this action.

Internet Fraud Complaint Center


The IFCC is an agency of the FBI, working with the National White Coller Crime Center. Once you file a complaint with them, online, they review and evaluate each complaint. They refer your complaint to the proper law enforcement agencies which have jurisdiction over your complaint. They do not gaurantee that your complaint will be assigned to an investigator, but the more people who file a complaint about a specific individual or company, the greater chance the IFCC will promote the level of attention given to the investigation of your claim.

Bureau of Consumer Protection's Consumer Complaint Form.


You can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission using their online complaint form or by phone (866-382-4357). You can also file by mail (Consumer Response Center, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20580).

United States Postal Service

If you sent your payment through the mail, you can file a complaint with the Postal Inspector's Office. Failure to ship merchandise is mail fraud and is a federal offense. Mail fraud forms can be acquired by calling 800-275-8777. The post office will send you a form and a postage-free envelope to return it in. After you file a fraud complaint, the Postal Service will contact the seller and inform them that they are under investigation.

Find contact information for your local Postal Inspector's Office: http://www.usps.gov/ncsc/locators/find-is.html

National Fraud Information Center


Internet Fraud Watch, National Fraud Information Center accepts reports of suspected fraud via a toll-free 800 number and an online complaint form. The IFC works with law enforcement and maintans a national database with the Federal Trade Commission. If you have any questions, they encourage you to use their toll-free number to talk with their counselers and advisors.
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