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1. will houser a arms work with stock shocks? If so what ones are those ones ^ that will work
The sold out XC width regular travel Houser Pro Series a-arms work with factory shocks.

2. Pep throttle body kit upgrade Has anyone installed these on there bikes with the pep vortex tune too does it run good,great,faster,quicker off the line etc.
The PEP TB kit works well but it's pretty expensive. I'd apply that money towards LT a-arms w/PEP shocks as an example.

3 houser or Walsh steering stem ? I’m 5’8 should I go with a +1 or +2 pros and cons?
I'd go with a +1" steering stem from Houser Racing. I can't think of any cons off hand, but before buying a HR or Walsh clamp look into the MAKO360 Clamp. The 360 clamp is very nice and soaks up a lot of vibration.

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