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I Need Help

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I'm replacing my axle bearings and took them out no problem. Know the problem, there is 2 sealed and 2 that are open on one side. Wich goes where? I took them all out of the boxes at the same time. Then rememberd that they go in a certain order. Any help will be apreciated.
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If you bought pivot works bearings, I was told they go like this by them.

The 2 that are sealed on 1 side go in first closest the spacer facing the open side inward/closest to the spacer. This is because the dirt and water come from the outside of the bearing housing, so you want the open side of the bearing furthest away from where contaminants can get in. Then the 2 bearings that are sealed on both sides go in last. Then the seals.

I went through the same thing and contacted them. Just happened to be after I already installed them wrong, that I found out.
In my opinion the whole setup is dumb. Why not just make them all sealed all then.
Thanks man. I bought OEM parts. There the same concept 2 sealed and 2 sealed on one side. I agree they should be all sealed.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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