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and it handed everyone that stepped up their asses on a plate. :lol the only thing that took it was a shee with toomeys,cool head and some other work. it only got it by a bike length or 2(also it looked stripped of a lot of parts like the front brakes).piped raptors and banshees were a joke,ds650`s ,z400`s(even a highly modded z400),polaris,400ex`s all went down like a cheap whore. was hoping to get a shot at the crapandfail moto.my yfz still has the stock baffle in it and the distance was about 200yds on asphalt.
this bike is badass!!!!!!
if you are a non believer i honestly do not care.these are purely a statement of facts.with different riders on my yfz450 the results were the same. most of the banshee and raptor owners loaded up their bikes and left after getting beat down consistently.(i`m sure to go and put their orders in on the yfz).if the race area were any longer i`m sure the the banshees with pipes and maybe the raptors with lots of mods could catch it but most of the racing we do is at GLAMIS and the length of the run was comparable to oldsmobile hill.i`ve never really raced any longer runs than that.
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