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Hybrid using WR250

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I want to swap a WR250 into a YFZ chassis for my daughter. She currently has a YFZ450, but now she wants to try MX so I need to get her a smaller (engine size) quad per the rules. Since she already has a MX set-up 450, a 250F swap into a chassis she is already familiar with seems to be a promising option.

I have Google searched the piss out of this, found several quads that had this swap done (or the YZ250F), but couldn't find any build threads. From what I can find, there are two ways to go about this. First is to move the whole motor 3/4" left, and the other is to keep it centered and make a custom sprocket that moves it out 3/4" (obviously there is more to it then that for both options).

I am looking for people who have done this swap to get opinions before I commit to one way or the other. Or if you have links to build threads, that would be great too.
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I will leave this here for you, its a guy from Belgium that build this 450f hybrid. You have to do basely the same for your WR250f

QUADFORUM BENELUX ? Toon onderwerp - yamaha monster yz450f YR beadlock

QUADFORUM BENELUX ? Toon onderwerp - yamaha yfz450f 2012 update : almost done

Its al in Dutch but I think that the pictures are very clear.
Damn web filter at work blocks it out. I'll have to look at it when I get home. Thanks
Good build. Doesn't look like too much fabrication, at least from the pics.
If I was doing this, I would line up the sprockets and space the rest. YZ engines are narrower than the YFZ. Things will line up fine. You may have to work on the kick starter as it may hit the frame...
I say go for it.

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