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Hr+3 Vibration

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I just got my 501 done and rode it for the first time yesterday, ran flawlessly. One complaint thou, i knew the +3 would vibrate but i didnt expect it to be that bad. What are some good grips or any other way to reduce the vibration feel. Thanks
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Flexxbars and flexxbar antivibe inserts help allot.
And some triple density grips.
But it will still vibrate
take it out and get it balanced, it can cause damage if you just dampen it
The +3 in unbalanceable. I had it balanced on the top end so went I'm riding hard and always into the rpms in barely vibrates but when I'm just puttin around it vibrates pretty good.
Get it balanced for your piston and it shouldn't be much if any more than another crank
Wouldn't you have to add weight (or adjust) the counterbalancer assy to make up for the added weight of the longer stroke?

And theoreticaly, if you properly balanced your crankshaft/rod/piston assy, would you really need the counter balancer?
If you dont ballance it you can expect further engine damage.... but what do i know, my w00ters slow
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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