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Everybody remembers their first ATV ride. While ATV riding is inherently fun, it’s remarkably easy for a new rider to have a bad experience and never want to try it again. Two of my friends were eager to give ATVing a whirl and I was bound and determined to make it an awesome experience, so I turned to the professionals.

This past winter I took my daughter snowmobiling with a company called Back Country Tours, which is located about two hours north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Everybody at Back Country Tours was so helpful and made the trip so fun, I figured I’d hit them up again to help me introduce two friends from my archery club, Devin and Gord, to ATVs.

While I could have simply taken Devin and Gord out riding on my own, a touring operator seemed like the better choice for several reasons. First, I didn’t have enough ATVs for everybody, and there’s nothing worse than sitting around watching other people ride while you wait for your turn. Another reason is safety. Instead of passing along any bad riding habits I’ve picked up over the years (we all have some), a good touring operator provides qualified instruction for new riders. As well, a touring operator won’t take riders to trails they aren’t ready for. Nothing will sour a potential ATV enthusiast like an injury on the first day – especially for Devin, who is trying to make the Olympic archery team.
Read more about How To Introduce New Riders to ATVing at ATV.com.
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