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How To Cut Your Fenders

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OK, your fenders are DIRTY and scratched a bit. You want to look cool but you don't want to cut them dumb! Well, best way to do it is when dad is not home! (That is what the boys did)! And they look much better! You can get some digital pics and photoshop them on your computer for a while till your pretty sure of what you want.

The dogriders cut theirs first because they had to. When they were jumping FAR, the fenders would lift the front too high and would slow them down a lot. On the drags they were being slowed by about 2 MPH!

But another reason is because they were not sixteen yet, and that 16 y/o warning bugged them...

Also, cutting them makes you look different! If you race in the mud you may NOT want to do this. The fenders help a bit for protection, but then again, Kory Ellis cut his!

Ok you don't want to look dumb? Cut them like kory Ellis! This is a modified Kory cut. The fenders give a little lift for flying, and all of the angles that slow you down have been removed. The dogriders did this themselves and it looks like a jet plane! (The YFZ-450 is really a jet plane you know). But Yamaha doesn't want you to know this.

ANYWAY, to cut the fenders you need a fine tooth saw! (YES! you are going to actually CUT PLASTIC!) And you will need a 1.2 to 1 inch wide file with one side coarse and one side fine.

We were joking around the evening they cut them, and said we should've got the skill saw out and did a video with that! (LOL) but anyway, any saw will do. Some people use heat cutters, Box-knives, whatever.

A knife makes the cleanest cut, but you can't really go straight! You go off a bit and you have the WOBBLES! If you are a perfectionist, you may want to use a fine finish hand saw or something, but really just a hacksaw works great. The wide blade keeps you straight. After you cut it, it is all hairy, and looks bad, so you take your file on ROUGH and file it lengthwise till it is pretty smooth and not irregular.

Then use the FINE SIDE and file 90 degrees to the cut with a little angle and the little HAIRS of plastic fall off. If you want to smooth it out a bit more, use a box knife and whittle/shave it.

Whatever you do, it will look pretty good from about 5 feet away if you get it reasonably straight.

Anyway, the dogriders started with a small cut, then they cut more then they cut more and now they are this far.
You can always trim it down and down as needed if you are bored. Anyway happy cutting! (But really, if your dad bought it, you better tell him and let him help you cut it, dad's like to help).

I had to do the first cut cause they didn't have the nerve, and after I cut about half an inch they took the saw away and finished all of it! It just took a little to get it started! That makes dads feel good too! Also, if it is your dad's don't cut without asking!

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