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How Do You Guys Like Your Spraks Exhaust?

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I just put one on my R and WOW it is LOUD!!! I LOVE the tone tho... Sounds like a pro level quad! I ordered a spark arrestor and quiet core. Anyone know how much thier bigger quite core insert will hurt power? Just wanted to see what you guys think, thanks.
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i love mine i can tell where it pulls wish it had a little more bottom end but it could just be since i dont have the programer yet.
Same as above, NO COMPLAINTS at all! The only problem I had was ONE TIME the aluminum rivets broke where the muffler and exhaust come together causing me to lose my packing BUT some new packing(it was due) and some new STAINLESS STEEL rivets I have had zero problem since and the POWA IS GREAT!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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