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How Do You Guys/gals Like This Video?

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Here's a video that I made with a few friends of mine. I'm on the silver YFZ.

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Yeah it's pretty sandy here in Florida. If it's not sand it's swamp or concrete lol.
Pretty koo vid man. Looked like it was really dry, a little moisture would've of been nice.

Looks llike you guys had a blast :clap: ...How your son doing on his wheeler?
Thanx Cadwell! It is really dry down here. We haven't had much ran in months.

Jam is doing very well since he's been racing. He's been getting 4th every race but is closing the gap each race on the more experienced kids. Last nite there were 13 on the gate and he was running 4th and probably about to pass the kid in 3rd when his bike crapped out. His crank snapped by the flywheel and the bike came to a sliding halt. There was a parent out that let him ride his sons backup race bike in moto 2. Hopefully I can get parts in and rebuild it before his next race in 2weeks. Thanx for asking about him :smile: .
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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