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How Can I Tell If Cam Mod Is Done To My Quad?

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Id like to do this but i dont know if its already been done to my 450..it has a 13.1 compression piston in it so it get stuck when turning over sometimes so i have to put it in gear and rock it forward to move the piston so it will start sometimes and i heard this helps with making it easier to spin. So it would start easier. Any truth to this? any tips or help would be appreciated, cause it seems like it will break something or kill my battery if i keep going to start it when the piston is trying to compress but wont even budge.
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If your engine is seizing like that you've got a bigger issue. Either your main, crank, or rod bearings are about to go.
it starts and runs great just depending on the position of the piston it will get stuck and nothing makes a noise..i rock it and it starts right up.
maybe the batteries junk?
anyway to check it....it doesnt do it alot just once in a while
i just re read my post i made it sound alot worse then it really is...i basically is the same ecffect as a dead battery or dieing battery. Does a high compression piston usually make it alot harder to crank over.
kinda obvious, higher compression=more preassure. More pressure=more power to crank over
i would check the battery, take it out and take it to an auto parts store. it may be weak, or on its way out.

to check if your cam mod is done, you have to set the engine to top dead center, then pull the plastic, gas tank, and valve cover off to check the timing marks on the cams.


this thread gives you a good write up on how to set it to TDC, and what the timing marks on the cams should look like before and after a cam mod.

the cam mod can actually make it harder to start, due to the auto decompression.

but i agree with sidewinder, if its stopping, something else is wrong...

it could be a weak battery though. so look into it.
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agree with drummer
popstart it! force that b'otch over
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