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Horsepower And Torque Ratings?

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Why don't atv's have power ratings listed anywhere? Every car or truck built in the world have them. Anyway does anybody know the stock power ratings of the YFZ450 and 450R?
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All these 450's are within a few HP of each other so comparison of this statistic is pretty useless. With cars, it's a bit different.
I know this goes for yamaha, but not sure for other brands. Look on title, yes little blue paper that came with it. In mid left corner has hp rating on it. When I found this out I just about pulled the motor outta my 08 yz450f and stuffed in my 09 R fuel injection or not its got 20 more hp. hope this helps.
if im not mistaken i believe the numbers on the R=40 HP stock vs. the YFZ with 35 HP.
take it for what it is it weights 50lb. more so the power 2 wieght is in the YFZ's favor.......
on the contrary the posibilities are greater on the R
What about torque? What is the most torque on a dyno? I would like to know the torque comparison to the KTM525 quad. The KTM525 has the same bore as the YFZ but has 10mm more stroke. I see YFZ stroker kits that add only 3mm and claim big power increases.
I can see a 5hp diff. between the yfz and the r but I just can't see a 20hp diff. :shocker: That would be insane, it's not turbocharged. I'm sure the additional hp is mostly ruined by the added weight of the r anyways. But then the handling of this machine probably outweighs everything all together.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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