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Alright, well in my search for a better, DEEPER sounding exhuast than my P.O.S big gun race series slip on. i came upon HMF, i looked up a bunch of sound clips on youtube,and like the way they sound.. but some of them sound a little higher pitched then some others? whys that??

how does the full system do in power AND sound? im tired of the loud whinning noise my big gun makes.

i really am considering this exhuast, but sound is a huge deciding factor.

any opionins are greatly appreciated!!

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im runing drd on mine like it but have an hmf on my predator like it it up to you but look at the sparks.
HMF is one of the cleanest, best sounding exhausts i have ever heard. great volume, not too loud, but loud enough.
my buddy's got a hmf slip on on his 06' trx400. it sounds pretty nice. quiet at idle but once you get up in the middle and top end it really gets loud. not obnoxious, but deep and throaty. i just switched from a yoshi to a gytr and compared to both these pipes i'd say the hmf sounds just as good if not better but is a little more quiet.
i love my HMF, after 9 months its still sounds AWESOME! Nice deep tone and like said before, kinda quiet on idle but once you giver its awesome, a nice deep, throaty sound, i love it. Awesome pipe in my opinion. Gave a very nice power increase thru the whole range. Ironman's are a top end pipe but it gave me power throughout the RPM band, more of a top end hit but still pulls through the lower RPM's.

EDIT: and looks super trick, i got a polished aluminum can with the polished "Vector" tip.
i LOVE my hmf full exhaust.. deep badass sound at idle but when you get it up to rpm you make your presence known
not to mention the power increase
Same here for me, Ive got the carbon fiber Bill Ballance edition HMF pipe and I love the sound, Great power increase all over for a stock motor, and it sounds amazing to me. Where I ride there is a lot of caverned walls at the top of most hills and you really get a defenning roar in your ear from about 300ft away.

The brands I can compare it too that I feel the HMF had a better tone.

White Brothers
Pure Polaris, which is produced by White bros.
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HMF is one of the cleanest, best sounding exhausts i have ever heard. great volume, not too loud, but loud enough.[/b]
+1 i have a ballance slipon and i think it sounds pretty good! not to loud but still got a good tone.
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+1 i have a ballance slipon and i think it sounds pretty good! not to loud but still got a good tone.[/b]
agree wit you phil. Not an obnoxious tone... but a sexy one! lol
lol. thanks yall for the response!!

sorry for not replyin sooner!

will the hmf full system give me any more power than my big gun slip??
if you only have a sip on now and go with a full it should help a little? i not think bigguns are very good pipes!
a full pipe will give you more power than a slip on
I just got rid of my Pro Armor full system and went to an HMF Ballance Carbon Slip On with the stock header. Do you think this was a wise choice. I think that ballance pipe will fit my needs alot more and heard a lot of ppl run the stock header with them and love it. I run XC... I still havent been able to fire mine up and listen to it yet so idk how its going to sound.
of course.
the head pipe gives u power and big gun isnt one of the best performing slip if u catch my drift so even upgrading ur slip on will make a difference.
I had a HMF sport slip-on, on my 01 raptor and loved it, sounded great, not annoying and huge difference in performance. I just bought an 04 450 (my first 450) and it now has a dg excellerator full exhaust on it. i am going to get rid of it and get myself another HMF!!
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