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Hinson And Gytr Clutch Covers

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So i have been doing some research on clutch components, and have found that many people say that gytr clutch stuff is made by hinson. With that say, I was wondering if there is any difference in the two clutch covers. The Gytr says that it has a "auto oiling system" that forces oil through specially cut holes in the pressure plate, into the inner hub, and then to the clutch plates. The hinson's description says that it directs oil back in clutch, both features greatly increasing heat dissipation.

Curious if anyone has ran either of these, or maybe has or has found a picture of the inside of either of these just to compare the two. The gytr is a little cheaper, but i would rather buy the better quality piece. Also if anyone else has ran another brand clutch cover, I would like to know what you think about it.
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You understand they are referring to the entire clutch system not just the cover right? Your looking at $1000+ for a hinson set-up...

That said I'd go Hinson. They are the best at what they do in a number applications.

Oh and the covers allow for slightly more oil volume in the clutch but the additional cooling is negligible. They just look cool.
A different clutch cover is going to do little to nothing for you in terms or redirecting oil or cooling the clutch. Those quoted descriptions are actually talking about the clutch components them selves.

Also from first hand experience the Hinson clutches are over rated. I have one in my back up bike that I sold last week and I thought that clutch slipped too much from day one and have always liked my modded stock clutch a lot more.
What's your "modded" clutch?
I was looking into getting some kind of something for my clutch, Either just new plates and springs at the least..
But is the benefit really worth the 100 or even the $1000 full set-up?
Look in the tagged topic in the power train section
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Look in the tagged topic in the power train section[/b]
+1 adn unless your clutch is slipping i wouldnt mess with it. imo
i suggest the mod to anyone with basic mods...
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