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i have a 05 yfz450 and put a new front end on it...and now when i give it gas it pulls to the left or right but cant remember...so if u guys can help me out please...it would be great.
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i dont know what could do that except the rear axle.. put the back end on a stand and try to wiggle the axle around.. dont know why it would pull only when giving gas other than the chain pulling the axle to that side.
make sure your tire air pressure is the same on both rears and both fronts
the toe-in could be off. see if it pulls when you let go of the handle bars.
that could also be caused by air pressure being off. check your air pressure first, thats the simplest solution. then work your way up to the more difficult time consuming probs

If its not the air pressure, then my guess also goes towards the toe-in being off

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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