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i have a 07 yfz 450 with velocity intake and carbon pro exhaust, and it shoots flames under more than a quarter throttle, smells funny, and seems to be running hot.
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You're likely to be running lean. What jetting are you running? Also, what part of MN are you from? Welcome to the forum.
I'm from the twin cities, and I'm not sure what jetting I have, I just bought the quad, the guy I bought it from had a air/fuel mixture problem after the mods so he brought it to the dealer, they put a red nob on the bottom of the carb that's adjustable, also could it be lean because of the weather?
Yeah, it's possible. What I would do, is (lightly) screw the red adjuster all the way in until it bottoms out, and count the number of turns that it took to get there. This will be your fuel screw, and this is to see how far it was adjusted out. Typically, if your fuel screw is more than 2.5 turns out, your pilot jet is too small, and needs to be one size larger. This fuel screw is basically adjusting your fuel at idle. I know the weather there is pretty cold, so it should probably be jetted, as the jetting was probably done for summer weather. The first step really should be to see what jetting you're running. Then, see if you're lean or rich.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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