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Help! Cam Mod Mistake

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06 YFZ450. Bro and I doing cam mod on his quad. I forgot to install tensioner. :angryfire: So you can assume I turned the crank now. Cams rotated till the lobes hit the valves, then chain fell and slipped three teeth, I believe. My bro thought about it and wanted to turn it back. Thinks it was 3-4 "clicks" on the chain. It looked as if it was back on time. thought we'd see if it would fire. The quad had an I-Kat that he removed due to heat damage. Decided to fire the engine. No luck starting. Wasn't getting spark.

We've decided to open it again. Gonna try to find TDC and and see just how far off the cam timing may be. Looking for opinions and advice now. I might take it to a dealer in the next two weeks if we dont do anything about it. Any help would be awesome. Im sure we should leave it to the pros now.

Need a "How-To" on resetting the timing.
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Just set it to TDC and loosen the tension on the cam chain, remove cam caps, and align the dots how they're supposed to, be sure that the cam lobes are facing outwards, put cam caps back on, torque (7.2 lb/ft or 86in/lbs), release tension, put everything back together

Follow these steps, it's simple http://quadhub.com/wiki/index.php?title=Cam_mod
Ok thats what I was thinking...
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