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Helmet Cam

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alright heres a shot with my helmet cam thanks to woodward. look for the deer in the beginning when i go up over the hill you can see the white tail jump off to the left

will be up shortly, google is taking awhile
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here it is, but if you want the original version which is crystal clear pm me
pretty sweet, i love how its a street... and then its a trail. lol.
great video man, i cant wait to get my cam...

thats so awesome that you can just ride down the street and hit up the woods
That's sick! HAha just going by giving a wave and then hittin a trail. nice. In shorts in that mud...crazy! Can't wait to get my cam....dang backorder lol.
That's sick, I gotta get a helmet cam :icon_biggrin:
yea there nice, i wish i could post my clear version its so much nicer
never tried trails but looks like fun, you seem to go pretty fast a couple of times
I have a headache now watching that. Good vid, you'll have to send me the clear on though.

Reading these first I thought it was the old Rt 30 (I think) that's blocked off now but can be ridden coming from the coal piles.
no thats the pole line behind my house, i can ride for about 4 days straight without touching the same trail...from that trail just gotta cross some roadds :p

whats your email
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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