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Hello from Tucson AZ

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Hello everyone! Born again n00b, haven’t been riding since I was about 12. Just picked up a new 21 450r and looking forward to getting her dirty. Not a total off-road newbie, spend a lot of time riding and wrenching on my Maverick X3. Looking forward to learning from you all. Thanks for having me.
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Thanks for the heads up. I'm planning on swapping the clutch basket as soon as my warranty is up. I need to get my hands on the service manual and then I'll check all the bolts. Thanks again!
The warranty hasn't always covered the basket explosion because it rides a thin line of being abusive and material defect. That being said the Raptor 700 and several of the carb YFZ models shares the same basket as the newer YFZ models, and I can't recall anyone going through a catastrophic failure due to the basket. I don't deny the basket is weak, but I'm not sure if everyone will find the weak spot. You're going to love the YFZ once you start tossing some money towards suspension upgrades.
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