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Hello from Tucson AZ

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Hello everyone! Born again n00b, haven’t been riding since I was about 12. Just picked up a new 21 450r and looking forward to getting her dirty. Not a total off-road newbie, spend a lot of time riding and wrenching on my Maverick X3. Looking forward to learning from you all. Thanks for having me.
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Sweet. I'm surprised a dealership still had a 21. You got it in Tucson? I bought a blue 22 a couple months back. The 21 and 22 actually have the same graphics. What's a good place to ride in Tucson?
I actually went down to Sierra Vista to Cochise Motorsports and picked it up. I was surprised they had such an old model too but they threw me a good deal. My wife wants a raptor so still waiting on that. I took it out today, if you get off of i10 at the Marana exit and take Marana road east through the housing complex it ends in a decent off-road area. It can get a little busy but it opens up to the Tortolitas. Lots trails over there. Otherwise out by Redington can be fun, at least in the utv.
Oh, also.
Check all your bolts. The power sports dealers put these things together out of the crate behind the damn building with hand tools and a bunch of 18 year olds.

i had untorqued bolts on my 22’ and even had a timing check bolt come out during a race. I had never touched it, it was “torqued” from the factory. So yeah, definitely do your own bolt assessment it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two with a manual and a torque wrench.

check your shocks adjustment settings, I bet they are way out of wack.
Thanks for the heads up. I'm planning on swapping the clutch basket as soon as my warranty is up. I need to get my hands on the service manual and then I'll check all the bolts. Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts