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Hello from Tucson AZ

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Hello everyone! Born again n00b, haven’t been riding since I was about 12. Just picked up a new 21 450r and looking forward to getting her dirty. Not a total off-road newbie, spend a lot of time riding and wrenching on my Maverick X3. Looking forward to learning from you all. Thanks for having me.
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Sweet. I'm surprised a dealership still had a 21. You got it in Tucson? I bought a blue 22 a couple months back. The 21 and 22 actually have the same graphics. What's a good place to ride in Tucson?
Yes, check the critical bolts. I bought a new 22 a few months back and the nut on the lower front shock came off. I was lucky I caught it before the bolt came out, could have led to a bad accident.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts