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Hello from Tucson AZ

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Hello everyone! Born again n00b, haven’t been riding since I was about 12. Just picked up a new 21 450r and looking forward to getting her dirty. Not a total off-road newbie, spend a lot of time riding and wrenching on my Maverick X3. Looking forward to learning from you all. Thanks for having me.
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put an 09’ clutch basket in it, this will save you 1 rebuild at some point. There are springs that fail behind your basket. I did my own with a kit from Bnr motorsports (I think it was bnr?) Was super easy didn’t even have to drain my bike just tilted I over so oil went to other side and took me about 30 minutes max. Easy stuff. Need clutch basket holder and torque wrench among basic tools and knowledge.

Do a billet intake kit, uni 2 stage foam filter and a pipe and tune, remove air box lid. (I like HMF or RP race pipes)

I would also recommend AIS delete and a breather box mod and removing parking brake as some basic easy preventative maintenance type upgrades.

good luck, enjoy!
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Oh, also.
Check all your bolts. The power sports dealers put these things together out of the crate behind the damn building with hand tools and a bunch of 18 year olds.

i had untorqued bolts on my 22’ and even had a timing check bolt come out during a race. I had never touched it, it was “torqued” from the factory. So yeah, definitely do your own bolt assessment it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two with a manual and a torque wrench.

check your shocks adjustment settings, I bet they are way out of wack.
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