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Header Nuts

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I've lost about 5 pairs of header nuts, anyone have any suggestions on how to keep them from coming loose?

Going to try thread lock next time, anyone else have some suggestions, post them up

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I've heard of people drilling a real small hole through the stud and using wire to hold them on. They could still come loose but you won't lose them. I have the same problem, the dam things won't stay tight. I am gonna try the hold and wire and see how it works.
As I was about to click, that thought came to mind, lol

Thing is, that I had to take the header off to straighten out the flange due to over-tightening
Ya my flange is all bent up to. I hate those stupid nuts, they never stay on.

if you can find the safety wire tabs,,, you can put those behind the nut then fold them over and safety wire them...
I don't think ever in my life would I buy a safety wire kit thing

I don't mean it in a bad way, nor am I attacking you but I just don't see myself buying that

All I need now is a couple of nuts

I wouldn't buy the kit either. If you can just find the tabs you need, you won't loose your two nuts...

Safety wire is a good thing when used properly....
No pun intended? lol

Maybe I can make my own, hmmm
Mine have never ever even remotely came close to loosening up. wierd. lol
Well, now I done the holes on the studs and put cotter pins in em, see how it does
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Well, now I done the holes on the studs and put cotter pins in em, see how it does[/b]
What size drill did you use? Maybe I might go that route.
What's wrong with simple lock washers?
They don't stay on, I tried a bunch of things, even tried nut over nut and it still came off

Bit size was 5/64"
mine came out once, the stud came out to, i used a bolt and 3 seasons later it has not moved
Bolts or nuts, they're a pain in the ass to tighten either way, can only turn the wrench so much at a time, gets frustrating in the summer lol
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