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Head Pipe Modification?

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Okay so im running the GYT-R Pro series full system. It runs great tons of low end with good over rev but i was thinking about shortening it 2 inches. The way the head pipe is designed there is a two inch piece welded in just before it goes in to the head i want to cut that out and and then take 2 inches out after the bend so it bolts back up. The head pipe is probably 3 inches longer than stock fron the head to where it starts to bend. I like the pipe but its built mainly for supermoto and mx. I would like to get a little more top end cuz i can afford to loose a little bottom.

Correct me if im wrong but long head pipe= low end and short= top end.

So what do you guys think? Would like to hear Terse and Mixxers input.
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I'm sure it will hit the radiator hose.....
Nope got tons of room.
you are correct, shorter header = more top end, but it all ties in with any taper, diameter and muffler length.

if it does hit the radiator hose you can get another fitting just like the one in the head and use that instead for more clearance.

ESR top end pipes used to use this method.
think stock head pipe and add 2 1/2- 3 inches before it starts to bend and thats what it is.
And #69 got plenty of strait untaperd pipe on the outside to match what i cut out basiclly it would be exatly the way it is just 2 inches shorter. Still leaving 1 1/2- 2inches away from radiator hose. This thing is LONG it really suprises me that it has as much top end as it does.
Well I sent it to the fab shop today so ill let everyone know how it works out. Takin 2 inches out.
Got my head pipe back today and the guy did a awesome job, it looks factory. Now just gotta see what kind of power it makes.
Post some pictures
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