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Hard Start After Riding

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Before you tell me to search, I did. :strokin:

So, finally got the YFZ out this weekend and, when cold, thing will fire instantly. After it gets heated up, it is a PIA to get started. Once it cools down, will fire right up without any hesitation.

I thought valves but, those are spot on. Now, I should mention I have a dyna FS ignition so, I am not too sure if that will effect anything.

Jetting is pretty much right on or, really close.

What am I missing? Mods are in the sig.
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its a 501, what do you expect? lol
I was thinkin battery, shes a little slow to crank and, being I have a dyna....if my voltage is down, it'll be hard to start but, that doesn't explain much about the temperature effecting it.
mine did that, i messed with the jetting a bit and it fixed it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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