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Handy Dandy Tricks

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Terminal Protection - Over time, battery terminals can corrode, causing poor contact with your connections. This can lead to an eventual dead battery and a long walk home if it isn't treated properly. A mixture of baking soda and water neutralizes the corrosion-causing acid ensuring a good contact between the battery cable and post. Don't stop with your quad as this tip also works on your car, truck and lawn mower.

Carburetion Collaboration:

With spring in full effect, the temperatures will be rising soon. This means the air is becoming less dense and your quad may need to be rejetted. With the cooler air temperatures of winter, the machine requires additional fuel, which means a larger main jet. The opposite is true for warmer temperatures. The air is thin and less fuel is required to obtain the perfect air-fuel mixture.

Revive Your Worn Pegs:
Unless you're using a pair of stainless aftermarket footpegs, you will notice the sharp edges wear down and will dull over time. There's a simple solution to bring the pegs back to life and keep your boots firmly planted with no slipping. All you need is a metal file and a few minutes of manual labor to hone the teeth of those worn pegs. This can be repeated a couple of times before the purchase of a new set of pegs becomes necessary.

Repack For Improved Power:
You may like that loud rumble coming from your exhaust, but a poorly packed silencer does in fact rob horsepower. A properly packed silencer will keep the noise to a minimum and allow the exhaust to exit faster with less turbulence. As more air flows through your engine the potential for more horsepower increases. Another tip to remember is wrapping safety wire around the packing to keep it securely placed around the exhaust baffle during re installation.

Often Overlooked:
While performing routine maintenance on your quad, don't forget to remove and lubricate your swingarm pivot bolt regularly. Applying a generous amount of grease to the needle bearings in which the bolt rests can add many rides to the life of the bearings and bolt. It's much easier and cheaper-bearings and bolt can cost in excess of $50-to grease it regularly than replacing it. Also, if it isn't greased periodically, it can be difficult to remove once rust begins to build up on it.

Tower's Tape Tip:
After installing an axle, it's a good idea to wrap the locking axle nuts with tape. This will keep the nut snugly secured together and prevent the axle from coming loose. This often goes unnoticed until it's too late and damage has already been done. Learning this lesson the hard way can cost hundreds of dollars, so better safe than sorry. Tape it up!Courtesy of Brent Tower of Dawsonville, Georgia

Gusset Before You Paint:
There's nothing like the glistening sight of a freshly powdercoated frame. Before you pick out a color, you may want to add some additional reinforcement to the weak points of your frame. Do it yourself or contact a fabricator with knowledge of your specific model to eliminate the guesswork. The experts at Lone Star (ATV Parts and Aftermarket Performance Products ATV Parts and Accessories | Lonestar Racing) have kits precut and ready to weld for most applications.

Braking News:
Water and grime are the No. 1 killers of drum brakes. When replacing the pads on drum brakes, apply a thin film of waterproof grease to the dust seal. This will add an additional layer of protection against the brake-eating elements. Keeping the drums clean and dry will not only guarantee a safe stop, it will also save some dough that can be used to buy another year's subscription to ATV Rider Magazine.

More Zip-Tie Tips:
Zip-ties can be used literally for hundreds or maybe thousands of small fixes for your ATV. So it's obviously useful to keep a few around at all times when you're out riding. If you're out on the trail and you lose a bolt from your plastic, whip out a trusty ole zip-tie and secure your plastic until you can replace the bolt. It's saved us on countless occasions and it could save your ride as well.

Source: ATV Rider Magazine (A Few Tricks Of The Trade - Pro Remedies - ATV Rider Magazine)
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