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Had a wake up call from a buddy's machine

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I lived in the delusional land of "clutch baskets only pop on the 17's and newer" and boy was I wrong. My friend has an identical 2016 anniversary edition. Clutch let go at slow speed and he immediately shut down. Nothing is locked up, no metal in the head, going to clean everything out, replace oil pump, gears, 09 basket swap, and see how she goes.

Needless to say I decided to order the 09 basket for mine, and swore I would install it before I turn the key over again...
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Geez! I got my 2020 from a guy who raced mx B class he ran oem clutch.. I thought to myself well he went that far on it I’ll send it! But reading all this shit on here I replaced the clutch soon as I got the machine at the house…
Gotta look at it like you made out good if it didn't break! That's how I'm seeing it with mine. I got everything in today to put my friends 16 back together, his YFZ sounds perfect now. It's all stock too so whatever negative noises would be glaringly obvious. Going to change the oil and filter once more, and try and put some ride time on it tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be calling him and telling him to go buy a lottery ticket because he got lucky!

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Hey Phil I’ve done about 4 of them now it’s a must do in my opinion. Better to be safe than sorry. Also I’d look into replacing your flywheel bolts. Bnr sells upgraded ones throw some red locktite on them
That was the only failure I had with mine so far. Happened in 2020 if I remember correctly. bolts snapped and destroyed my flywheel, stator, and starter clutch. Nice little $600+ parts bill. I do have the hardened ones loctited in place, so far so good. The other 09 basket kit arrived, I'll be doing mine before I even put the key in again. Not like I ever have time to ride it in the first place lol. Hope all is well with you and your machines.

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It's crazy that Yamaha is not doing something about this. They should not only issue a bulletin about it (which years have the problems), but warranty replacements and go back to using their 09 basket. I just bought a 22 and shouldn't have to spend another $400 bucks for peace of mind.
I agree with you, but think about it. Why would they? It's only a problem for us, it sells parts for them...

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