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Guys help me fix my '14 r!!

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Hi, I just bought a brand new 450r yesterday and need help finding where to buy the fuel controller.

I've read all these forums and know what fixes the bog/stall problem and I have found the FCI intake and all the different pipes available, but I cant find where to buy any of the correct fuel controllers for this model year.

I was either getting MSD or PC5 but everywhere I have looked only says '09-'13 yfz450r.

I want it to run good with no issues, like it should, so is it possible to remap it and leave it stock?

I already know what to do to it, I need to know where you guys got your controller, thanks.
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Check with the site sponsors-they can help you out.
09-13 Msd will work with the 2014, the only real difference will be ignition timing. Leave that alone and adjust everything else per spec.
All depends on what you want to spend. I think you should do some more reading on the 14 here first. Just type in the search Feild 2014 and this is all covered heavily now. I didn't have anything close to get it on a good Dyno so I ponied up and bought the vortex.
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