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Groves On After Market Clutch But Not On Stock

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the teeth on the clutch plates..are groved about every five teeth... the stock clutch was not..... how should i line them up?? The clutch is a tusk.. if that helps
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I think they have 2 grooves on one end and one groove on the other, I just matched all the grooves

For example, I put all the double grooved on the top
hmmm i thought its was just two plates that had the grooves on them?

you guys talking about the fiber plates?
Yes the fiber plates have grooves in every one of them on the tusk kits.
I put mine in offset from each other, maybe to try for better oil movement. I don't really know was just a thought.
I installed them so the grooves were all not aligned. Like 1 plate with 2 grooves in one slot, then the next plate i moved the groove to the slot next to that one, and so on.

Don't really know what is right or wrong, just what I did.
i lined them all up lol, no idea what they were for
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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