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Greasing A-arms And All Other Grease Nuts

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What type of grease do you guys grease your a-arms up with? and all the other grease nuts? (i'm not out looking at my bike right now and i can't remember where all the nuts are)
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I just use a Mobil1 synthetic grease that I pick up at Advance Auto Parts. I use the Mobil1 for greasing grease zerks. I use a Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease when assembling all parts however.
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I just use a Mobil1 synthetic grease that I pick up at Advance Auto Parts. I use the Mobil1 for greasing grease zerks. I use a Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease when assembling all parts however.[/b]

oh good. i have mobil1 and a grease gun.

and Bel-Ray waterproof grease - you use this instead of the Lithium Soap Based grease? i need something equivalent to it, if not that exact grease. i need to grease up an o-ring on my oil tube. maybe you'll know what i'm talking about. the oil tube on the brake side coming out of the case at the very bottom. acyually located pretty close to the brake pedal. its a machined conection to the case and a soft hose going to..........the tank........i think.....
i have a slow leak/spray when the motor is running. its says in the book to grease the o-ring with "Lithium Soap Base Grease."

i have some Shell Alvania EP 2. does anyone know if that will work? its a lithium grease.
I don't know if that grease that you have will work with that or not (although I would think that it would). I pick up that grease from my local dealer when doing engine builds.

I use the Bel-Ray Grease when installing a-arms, bolts (non-threaded areas), and other misc. metal to metal contact areas. Just use it as a general assembly lube (not including engine assembly).

I'm pretty sure the oil line your talking about also has a couple of brass washers that are installed with it. If it is squirting like that, make sure you have those brass washers installed as well.
its # 35-38
there is not brass washer, its the o-ring. i guess i'm supposed to grease it.

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I would suggest replacing the o-ring and sleeve (#5, #6). Sometimes lubricating the o-ring will help, and sometimes it just needs replaced. I would also make sure you use the right lubricant. The stuff you have may work but it's always better safe than sorry in my book. I'm sure you will, but make sure you torque to spec. as well (I think its about 8-10 lbs for that bolt - can't remember exactly)
ya, i'm thinking the same thing. just get the right stuff.

i would replace the o-ring, but i don't think the dowel needs to be replaced.

i really think it just needs to seal.

and the torque in 8nm - its very little. thats why i think the sealant is so important.
I only say the dowel too because I have scratched one before which caused a leak (I would rather tell you to replace too much than not enough). Mine was from someone accidentally sliding it on dirty pavement, creating a deep groove which in turn allowed a leak. You hopefully don't have to worry about something like that.
naw, its pretty clean.
maybe i'll take a fine grit sand paper too it real quick, just to make sure.
then again, maybe i'll just order new parts and get the right grease.

Lol, good luck man, hope it works out for ya.
I'd check the o-ring for sure, possibly even the one inside the case (#5) if you have it off for any reason.

I know I've had one dowel in the engine side, then for some reason put the other one in the inside of the cover. 2 days later I forgot it was there, was hurrying, as smashed both dowels together putting the side cover back on and destroyed the o-rings as well leaving me a nice puddle of fresh oil all over the garage floor. :shocker: man that was dumb.

Great topic btw, I was just thinking about this the other day and couldn't find any info!
no, i don't have the cases apart right now. its defiantly possible though.
who knows. i DID have that side open recently, and it DID start leaking after i put it back on.
i hoping the grease will temporarily fix it for now. riding season is about over and i've got some summer work to do it anyway.
hey spill - how many times do you pump the grease into the zerk? i've never greased them. where does it come out?

actually, i'll be able to figure that one out for myself. i'll just pump until i see the grease coming out another end, and them pump until i see clean grease.

if anyone thinks i should do otherwise, let me know.
If you have never greased before, it has taken me up to 10 pumps or more on non-greased bushings (depends on your gun as well). On a-arms, you will start to see grease coming out the side of the bushing usually on the bottom side of the quad so make sure your looking under or you may not know when you've gone too far.
After you do it a few times you'll get a feel for it. I will usually do 2-3 pumps every month or two to make sure they are still good. Sometimes you won't even need that.

i'm waaay behind. purchased in Aug of 06' brand new, never been done.

What I explained is how it is on my Laeger set-up. Stock shouldn't be much different... if at all.
Lucas xtra heavy duty grease green outside tube ok to use on front a arm grease zerkz?
Lucas xtra heavy duty grease green outside tube ok to use on front a arm grease zerkz?
Yes that’s all I use
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