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Graphics For The R

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i have a new blue r but i want something to standout from the rest are there any graphics availble for the r yet or will be waiting a while for those
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check out mine and see what you think in my post in this forum I put the guys info in there give him a shot he can do anything you want and hes allready got the templates made from mine
You might want to give the guys at Dirt Fiend Racing a shout. I'm almost positive that the template is available for the "R" through them.

Check out there new designs for the '09 season, I'm running the Stellar kit myself. You can also customize them with different shades of colors and add sponsor decals for an extra charge..

Click on the link in my SIG.
I went with the brand new kit from One Industries. You will have to call them, or get the Golden West kit, like I did. I think it's a great kit, very suttle, but covers alot of the quad.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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