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Well i have the money for the pipe but now i need to some things. I will be using my pipe pretty much only for mx but i have some douts on wich pipe to get. (ive searched for past post) im not realy worried about the sound but i woulod like to know that i can make my pipe quiet legal if i needed to.

i herd the tc pipe kicks @$$ but have any of you herd of a way to make it quiet if needed?

also herd thundar alley was kick @$$ but i havnt herd much about that pleas help with powergains is it mx? and such.

hmf the new bill balence pipe was lookn nice / owercoated red nice to. i would get it cut to a 12 incher. hows those gains?

dr. d worked really good on the yz450f. wheres the gains on the yfz?low mid? how are they?

havnt herd anyhting on the fmf ti 4 full system or factory4. the powerbomb headers are killer. my friend has a slip on titanium 4 on his raptor and that made a differnce ALOT.

please help me put here remember im mostly looknt for mx power gains but would like to know i can make my pipe legal in noise if needed.
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