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Got It Running

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So I finally got the 450 done today. When I first got it the motor was seized and the guy had a mechanic look it over. Well when I messed with it the starter wouldn't bump at all. So I just figured it was because of the motor. So today I finished it up and nothing. I have double, and triple checked every single connection. I dont know what the try next. I pulled it with my Raptor and it fired right up and runs like a champ. Any advice?
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If you have power, then the switch or the starter itself is bad would be my guess.
So it turns out the guy I got it from has lied to me O.O!!! The battery was completely dead. He said it was a brand new one and it wont hold a charge. And at the same time my battery charger has stopped working. I tried the 75A hot start on it with no luck, I touched the leads together and they didnt spark or anything. I just got a new battery and she fires right up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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