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Gncc National- Steele Creek

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hey guys wuts up if anyone was at the national over the weekend and was racing quads let me kno i took a pic of prly every single quad there wit my high deff camera so if u were there let me kno wut u looked like, ur number, and if u raced the mourning or afternoon class and ill hook u up with some pics. im not charging right now but i will be as soon as i get my zoom lens and website up and running.

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Yeah, I raced in the sportsman a/b in the A.M. on the new YFZR, #2c blue and orange troy lee riding gear. That is one awesome bike, It was it's maiden voyage, and it definately outperformed the rider. Finished 40th overall out of 313 not bad, considering I haven't ridden anything since last Aug. Pics would be much appreciated!!!!
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