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Front End/axle

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Well I'm looking for a Long travel front end dont really care what brand right now but it would be nice if they shocks were valved around 140-160. I would like the a-arms to be +1 and blue. Dont really care on the axle aslong as its adjustable or +2
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I have a +1 total front end for sale. I can have the arms pc'd any color and the shocks are stock rebuilds done my Gt Thunder and then serviced and revalved by MotoXperts. The shocks are black main springs and bright orange upper springs. They have been rode on 3 times since serviced. The arms are houser +.5 on each side and have the shocks setup for these arms. They also come with overside tie rods and 06 tie rod ends. Would sell all this for $700 shipped to you..

Just an option. I know you stated LT but thought you may wanna take a look. Can send pics on request and the shocks have been valved for 150# rider.
I have a brand new RPM dominator 2 axle, adjustable +2 to +5. $300 plus shipping

If interested, call Stephen at 920-979-8156.
lone star extended mx length used straight--------------------------------------- 225.00

axle less than 8 months old perfect condition PM me
bump looking for more of the xc front end like .5", I'm willing to trade my stock stuff
i have my elka lonestar front end? its plus .5 each side and is actually nice. more visual wear then anything. works great and looks pretty good
Don't buy anything moto-retards touched!
What is your basis on this? If you don't mind me asking?
What is your basis on this? If you don't mind me asking?
WARNING: This is my true story and opinion. It probably doesn't happen to everybody so don't get angry at me for telling what happened to me. Last time I posted this anywhere one of the moto-xpert goons found out who I was and posted a personal picture off of facebook of me on my motorcycle. Real good conduct on thier part.

Paid them over $400 to rebuild, jet, and sync the carbs on my motorcycle. Didn't run right when I got it off the truck and rode it. Took the carbs apart after repeated attempts to get it to run right and the needle jet was caked in crap and the jetting isn't quite right. Looking at shimming the needle up or bigger pilot jet this weekend. Needless to say they were about a waste of money.
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