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Freshly Powdered 05 Swingarm W/ Accessories For Sale

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Checking interest on my swing arm that i will soon be replacing. I am going for the updated version of the swinger and was going to get rid of my 05. I have installed new pivot bearings, bushings, seals. Also has new carrier bearings and seals. I have one ride and one race on this swing arm. The swinger is white. I will include the brake stay and the caliper with it. Make me an offer. Ill start it out at $250 shipped and go from there. I will also include a swing arm skid that has a built on chain guide.

Let me know i need to sell this as soon as i can to try to help with money on my 06 and newer upgrade. I am located in south central indiana and will help all that i can.
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wanted to make sure that everyone knew what this would come with

SwingArm= NEw white pc
Brake Stay
Brake Rotor
Brake Rotor Hub
Carrier Bolts w one extra bolt and nut.

I have found me a new swingarm. dont be afraid to shoot me a price on this. I started it out at 250 just to follow the rules. So i am willing to work on someone with this. I can ship out asap. As soon as someone lets me know they want it. I am going to buy my setup this weekend so anyone that may want it i will have it tore apart and ready to ship out.
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Im gonna put this up for $100 plus shipping. I had my stuff shipped to me and it was around $40 to ship it up to me. So I think that is a good deal for all that you get plus having the pc done and all that. Im sure someone out there wouldnt mind having it. You can reply or pm and i have taken the swinger off and taken pics so i can email them upon request.. thanks guys.
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