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Frame Problems Suggestions

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i raced this weekend and had a few probs. first off it was the first time i rode the yfz. and yes i loved it. i used to race a ltr in 07. this thing would smoke it. and sat heat race i ended second into the first turn only to a built ltr. mine is pretty stock. anyways i crashed friday and flipped the quad straight over forwards. it ripped the upper bolts for the subframe outa the frame. of course i didnt know this till sat after i landed a double and my seat flew away lol. thats when i realized the subframe was pulled outa the upper mounts. here's my question. can i basicly push it back up, put washers on both sides and get the washers tig welded in place? i was then gana run the atv fourplay subframe brace. any suggestions?
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also when it flipped forwards, the bars and wheels were outa alignment. kinda like when fork tubes twist in the trees on a moto bike. they were exact. i used the tie rods to realign the front end. is it possible that the pc that bolts to the bottom of the steering stem spun? its all aftermarket stuff. and also now i have somemovement on both sides of my flexx bars. kinda feels weird. but it raced fine!
if it landed on the bars, there could be a good chance you twisted your stem, if you popped a tooth on the splines, i think the damage would be too great to keep riding it. and if both tires were bent the same amount, it seems like it wouldnt be a tie rod issue etc.
Your frame issue and idea sounds fine. I had to do the same thing but didn't use any extra support and it's held up great. More then likely your stem twisted, thats what tie rods are good for, re-aligning. :mhihi:
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