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Fox Shocks

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Are fox shocks really good to use for high jumping
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If your going to be racing, Fox Shocks or almost any other long travel shock are going to be great not only for jumping but all around performance.
If your not racing, you will be fine with regular travel fox, pep, elka, or even re-built dual or triple rated stock shocks.

I must admit though, hard landings on my fox shocks make it like landing on a pillow sometimes (I have never used any other aftermarket shock though, many are and can be just as good as fox)
Well said james. Mine were worth every penny.
I don't have a set of Fox Floats but I sure wish I had some. Fox makes the best shocks out there, they will help you no matter what type of riding you do or how you do it. Fox shocks are one of the best investments you can make on a quad
Honestly man, im just tired of you making random threads haha.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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