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Fox Evol Psi Keeps Changing

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hi, i have fox evol dsc shocks and went out for a quick 15min test ride just to get a quick feel for them because i have a race tomorow and it was getting dark. set it at 140 and 40. it was insanely stiff is this normal for new shocks?

got home and just got done adjust ride height 7 inches under frame mount and slightly under 7 inches in rear is this ok? 19 inches rear stock front i think 21 inches so set ride height at 30psi

my problem is that after my quick test ride the psi droped to 100,90 and 50,( cant remember)

i reset it at 125 and 30 , rechecked everything and 90-100 25-( cant remember), ive got 1 pump and what im doing is the lever is up with no stress , screw the pump all the way down so its good and tight, push lever down with stress on it, pump to specific psi and lift lever, screw it out.

searched alot on here about how to setup the shocks and read that if i twist the rebound knob all the way in or out that a piston or something in the shock will fall and i wont be able to adjust it , is this true?

1 more question if i have the psi at a set amount and compression is all the way stiff but 2 clicks out will that make the shocks perform worse than having the psi alittle higher with the compression closer to the middle(11) ?
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1. Are you jacking the quad off the ground when checking the pressure?
2. What is this lever you are talking about?
3. Are you using the pump that comes with the shocks?
the lever is at the bottom of the pump where you twist it to connect, i think when you push it down that means you can pump
yes, its new shocks so they make them with 1 pump now instead of 2
Make sure you do the evol chamber 1st. Also keep in mind these chambers are very small and when you unscrew the pump that little bit of air that came out is atleast 2-5 psi...yes Sir, What I do is pump more than what I need and let air out using a digital gauge meter I bought in pep boys.

The air you hear come out when unscrewing the pump is coming out of the pump not the shock.
Just follow the instrutions in the manual i posted above and you will be fine.
My shocks are set at 135 and 30
How come if you screw and unscrew the pump a few times you keep losing pressure?
Because when the pump is connected the air in the shock pressurizes the pump.....which shows pressure on the guage. When you disconnect, the air that you let into the pump is lost.
your suppose to check and adjust those shocks with the front tires off the ground (a-arms fully extended).
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