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I cant figure this out guys!

I have been trying get my shocks set up for awhile now, and I cant seem to figure it out. No matter what I do I can't seem to get them soft enough. I thought maybe I just didnt know how to adjust them or that maybe they were soft and I just didnt know any better. Wrong.

I had a change to look at a guys shocks yesterday at the track. Fox flox x evol dsc just like mine. His were way way way softer than mine. Not even comparable.

Right now I have my evol chamber at 100 and my main at 25. If I drop the main chamber lower it gets softer. but my ride height is way low.

Any opinions or tips?
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Have you checked the compression? Maybe they just need a good ride to get wore in. I always wanted mine stiffer. I weigh bout 180 and had my evol about 120 to 150.
i had the compression backed all the way soft, then too clicks to the firm side.

I was adjusting them at the track yesterday and just cant seem to get them dialed in at all, or even make a change in the right direction without lowering my main chamber too far.

Its the low speed stuff that bothers me the most, the braking bumps and ruts are really giving me arm pump, and its mostly because its so stiff.

I can put the main chamber on 40 and evol on 0 and they still seem stiff just pushing down on them. (of course I didnt ride it this way)
dude, i have heard this form so many people that run nationals. Buy them from fox, they are waaaayyyy wrong. most people i talked to have had them set up at least 4 different times before they came close to being right. one of my good friends had his set up 3 times before he liked them. but i dunno how much that costs.. i know it was cheapr i think 25 per shock at the the races. But i think its 75 per shock over the phone. i rode on my fox for the first time yesterday and i think they are fine. i have walsh arms, and set the evol chamber to 130, and the main to 40.
i bought them from fox, that has nothing to do with why my me changing the pressure isnt helping. I am doing something wrong I guess.
ive heard of them being from 100-150 psi, and 15-60. if that helps any??
send them back, tell them they suck. you spedn 1300 or 1500 on a pair of shocks, you should LOVE them
i dropped the main down to 15 just to see and it seemed to make it softer but my ride height was way low. I dont know what to do really?
i dont have time to send them back or i would. Hell i have had them for awhile now 5 months or so. I just cant get them adjusted, but i am no pro at setting up suspension, so I am thinking that maybe I am doing something wrong
Grant if you see this can you give me norris quinns number? Do you think maybe he could take me through it or is he going to be really busy right now?
QUOTE (Stix1107 @ Mar 8 2009, 06:52 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=755311
Grant if you see this can you give me norris quinns number? Do you think maybe he could take me through it or is he going to be really busy right now?[/b]
Quinn Motorsports
QUOTE (Stix1107 @ Mar 8 2009, 05:52 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=755311
Grant if you see this can you give me norris quinns number? Do you think maybe he could take me through it or is he going to be really busy right now?[/b]

QUOTE (leveldrummer @ Mar 8 2009, 05:57 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=755315
Quinn Motorsports
That's it.

He was at our race yesterday and then went out to eat with us after the race, I talked to him all day. I asked if he'd been staying busy, and he said it comes in spurts. He said "When the weather is good for a few days in a row, everybody goes riding and starts breaking their sh!t..........then I get swamped. But when the weather is bad, business gets real slow cause nobody is riding and breaking stuff."

But this is the reason I recommended buying them from him. It's hard to ask someone to give you free advice or help you with your shocks when you bought them somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he'll say "Ah screw you, you didn't buy from me."

Have you checked the seals on your shocks? If those seals get too dried out and in bad shape, it'll make the shocks kinda stiff and they'll have kinda like hard spots in the travel. I was talking to Norris about this yesterday. He said they'll get to where as they go through their compression, there will be spots that are stiffer than others. He told me the best thing to do was to take the shaft guards off every now and then, rub some vasoline on the shafts, then push up and down on the front end to rub it in. He said that will keep the seals lubed up well. I also spray the seal and shaft on mine with WD40 everytime I clean my bike after a ride, which he told me is a good idea.

Also..........main chamber is ride height, Evol chamber is stiffness.
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Good tips on keeping the seals lubed thanks.

I understand that main chamber is ride height and evol is compression.

but lowering the main also lowers the overal stiffness of the spring. You can see it in the manual on one of the graphs.

I have a race next weekend at splendora mx (dee's track). Hopefully he will be there and get a chance to look at them. He told me the other day they were way stiff even for him, and that i should lower the evol. But it doesnt seem to help.
Maybe Dee will be there. But if he's still working for Can Am, they may go straight from Glen Helen to the Pell City, Alabama area since the next national is there in 2 weeks. A lot of the big teams did that the last couple years.

Are they all of a sudden too stiff, or have they been that way since you got them? They could be like chadkrash382 said. I've never heard of them being that bad off when new, but it is definately possible I guess. Have you called Norris to see what he says?
no I am going to call him today.

They have been that way since I got them.
Chance you outta try puttting like 20 psi or somewhere in that area in the evol chamber to see how the shocks react. I wouldn't ride hem this way but just pu your weight on them to feel the stiffness.

Just to give you a ballpark idea I weigh 170lbs with gear and mine are have 35 in the main and 140 in the Evol. The feel great and I can compress the front end down with no problems.

You also might want to try and release all the air from both chambers with the shocks off the quad and try to compress them by hand, I would think that they would almost movr freely..
i have release all of the air from the evol chamber, and just left air in the main and it still seems stiff.

also I have release all of the air from both chambers. IT set all the way on the ground like it should. It seems to me like the evol chamber is not reacting to pressure changes. the main is though.
It sounds like you need to send them in to fox for a look.
i set mine at my 160 and 60... and turned the rebound down on all of them
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