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Fmx Questions

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heyyy can anyone help me out with setting my suspension for FMX... do i NEED elka or any aftermarket shocks to be able to do it? ive got 07 yfz 450 SE suposivly has upgraded suspension.
but another question is... with an 8 foot ramp. how far do i put it away from the landing.. what degree do i make the landing.. what gear do i hit it?
anyone with any information would be a great help
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you dont need aftermarket suspension.. look at this guy http://yfz450.theatvchannel.com/invision/i...showtopic=95114
If I was gonna invest in aftermarket...it sure as hell wouldnt be Elka
Elka's fine, fox is just better. But it depends on some other things, like the angle of your ramp and such. If your going to do fmx aftermarket suspension is very helpfull, from the way I understand it is they set it up about 20-40 pounds more than they way to soak up bigger landings.
Put the ramp close to the landing and keep scooting it back.
yeah elka isn't the best choice for shock in an environment
You dont need it, but it will beat you to death if you dont.

Like said above, put the ramp close, like 20 ft, hit it, and move it back. Its that simple.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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