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Finally Ordered My Suspension!

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title says it all...finally decided to bite the bullet and spend the money. it only took me a month and a half of shopping prices and service from people to get the right price....ended up going with KBMotorspots....gave me an awesome price, and a great guy to deal with...nice and easy, and made everything a smooth transition to buying..lol Not used to spending all that hard earned money at once... Ended up going with the EvoL's, and Houser +2 slicast max ground clearance arms. So hopefully it will be a good combination, but we will find out.


P.S well to go along with the new suspension, i ordered G-Force +1 - +4 axle, Polisport white plastics, a lil change from Blue.... and Galfer blue stainless steel lines...i got alot of work ahead of me...nice overhaul before the season starts up here.
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theres the link to them. MX style +2 max ground clearance. the ones shown are 2.25" but i ordered the +2
sounds like a nice combo, thats what I want to get but only +.5 a-arms, but I just cant seem to part with the cash lol
yea, ummmm....it took me a month and a half to part with the money. And even tho it went to something great, i still was uneasy about handing over that much money..lol that i almost wanted to call and cancel it....but NAHHH lol But i will def get some pics as soon as it all comes in. If its in stock, it will be here in 3 days, if its not, then a week
Nice combo I put together a similar one except I have used Evol's and bought the discounted a-arms from Houser they have some great deals goin right now.
Yea i actually saw that....but what i payed for my arms is still better than those prices to be honest..i really cant beat the deal that i got. You guys want some good prices, check out Ken at KBMotorsportsonline.com gave me a really good deal...trust me...worth it...and im anal when it comes to prices and service..lol
Love my houser fox setup. You will not be disappointed thats for sure
yea it took me long enough to figure out what arms to go with. But i just got the call, and its on back order. So its going to be atleast 2 weeks before i get it. go figure. God knows how long its going to take me to install it, being that ive never done anything like this before. So if anyone has any good tips or tricks for me, lemme know..lol

just do it lol. I did mine and I had no experience. the harderst part was getting my tie rods, and camber and caster adjusted properly.
Its pretty straight foward, just take your time and go over everything step by step, Houser always has sweet instructions (which are online to so you can read and re-read until the arms are ready). Some simple tips to make life smoother I found over the years are, you can make a easy ball joint separater tool for your stock stuff to come off clean and neat, just buy a 3/8 threaded rod coupler and a few 3/8 bolts from 2-4" long with full threads, screw the bolt way into the coupler and slide it between your ball joints and use two 9/16 wrenchs to unthread the bolt back out which expands the combo and pops your ball joints out. Another good advice for any quad but the YFZ for sure is use anti-sieze on the bolts before re-assembly specially the top two that are full length, or they sieze into the shafts. The Caster will be simple as its already done with the Slicast just find what you prefer with trial and error, the camber is easy to with a square and tape measure. Also buy the cheap Miti-vac brake bleeder pump from Autozone makes bleeding those new lines alot easier as they are a PITA. Let us know when you get your parts in for sure, I'll be looking as we can see what Float set-ups each guys is using for comparisions and base-lines. :blahblah:
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thanks for the tips....i appreciate it. Im actually gonna start pulling everything apart tomorrow if its nice up here. I want to atleast get a head start with that, so when everything comes in, ill be ready to go. CANT WAIT!!!
i ran a fox/houser setup last season and loved it! u wont be dissapointed! thats also what im putting on my new 450r
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