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Finally Ordered My Suspension!

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title says it all...finally decided to bite the bullet and spend the money. it only took me a month and a half of shopping prices and service from people to get the right price....ended up going with KBMotorspots....gave me an awesome price, and a great guy to deal with...nice and easy, and made everything a smooth transition to buying..lol Not used to spending all that hard earned money at once... Ended up going with the EvoL's, and Houser +2 slicast max ground clearance arms. So hopefully it will be a good combination, but we will find out.

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I just realized this went into the wrong forum....can a mod please move it to the suspension forum....was lookin for shocks earlier, and accidently put this topic in this section...sorry:-D
conrats on the new setup, should be great for ya, what made you go with the max ground clearance? do you ride alot of trails too?
yea we do alot of mixed riding, and get into some ruts....so i figured id might as well spring for the whole deal since i couldnt pass it up....i got it for a great price, and it wasnt much difference whether i went with max ground clearance, or standard.
Great!! I just ordered the same parts. I did not know Houser made a max clearance that was +2. I thought it was only +.5? Is that correct?
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