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Finally Done!

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so 2 nights ago i finally got my quad running after a mishap with the safety in the carb... :angryfire: i started doing heat cycles with the quad and after spending my entire saturday rerouting hoses, cleaning up wiring, making everything look pretty and putting the final touches on it. i finally took it around my parents property.. omg every headache i had building this thing was put to rest when i got to rip it for the first time.. heres some pics.. what you think??

heres how it looked when i first picked it up..

and now!!!!

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lookin awesome dude! slightly nicer than when you got it, I'd say!
huh, looks like you bought a honda, and made it a yamaha.
awesome transformation, were those plastics spray painted or something?
thx guys. i originally bought it because i picked it up for so cheap but after 2 1/2 hrs of driving there the guy told me about how he "forgot" to tell me about the spray painted plastics.. luckily my buddy had pat browns old plastics and thats what i'm running now wiht my graphics..
lol, the person i bought mine from "forgot" to tell me that all 4 tires were flat, and instead must've accidentally aired all of them up to like 30-40 PSI. huh. weird how people forget things like that.
its weird how that whole thing works out with the forgetting the issue...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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