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Extra Lines Mod

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This is difficult to explain but ive seen a few bikes and especially pro yfzs with this and i would like to do it. You eliminate the black box on the subframe thats for blow by or whatever. I believe its basically all the oil vent lines joined and ran down together. I will post a picture thanks for any help.
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All I know of is the breather off the valve cover and, the vent off the stator cover. The pictures don't seem to tell much other than the stator vent hose and, I am assuming it connects to the head vent but, isn't the purpose of those vent to relieve crankcase pressures? If you tie them together, your not really relieving anything.

Like I said, the picture doesn't really tell much.

Hopefully someone with a clue will chime in.
Not to release pressure, but to re-circulate the crankcase air into the motor

All car motors have this thing called the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve on one of the heads

If you should do it to the quad? I don't know
Those hoses do not recirculate air into anything.... there simply vents, all the black box is a filter. if you run it hard enough it will spray a lil oil into this filter and eventually run back down into the motor.

I say ditch that chit, T it together and run it to the back by the spring. Ive had mine like that for almost 2 years of hard dune riding and have never had a problem, it does not suck sand into your motor and you dont need a filter on it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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