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Extended Swingarm

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Anybody have any reviews on extended swingarms, good/bad? Lets see some pics :icon_biggrin:
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like drag arms? or +1-+3 mx kind of arms?
+3 makes an awesome duner. I now have a LSR +2 and it is perfect for all around riding.

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Looks good ohsobad_chevy.

r1yfz- I'm talkin about +4ish, whatever for the dunes.
theres my g/f's stout stock bore/stroke with a +4

heres my old duner with a +4
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R1, do you know where you can buy just the bombsquad seat cover?

Where did you buy your swingers?
mine are all metal tech.... Nah i bought that whole graphics kit, i sold it all to a forum member a while back.

heres a +6 i just put on my drag bike...
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r1yfz that's what I'm looking for, those types of swingarms. I like the round tubing instead of the bulky square type. It looks like you have your brake line zip tied, can you get a billet clamp for this company's swingarms? Any issues with metal tech products?
yes, there is a line clamp on my +6.... the +4 is short enough and the stainless brakelines are stiff enough that you can get away without running a clamp...... my +4 is a tube style and my +6 is a oval
Cool, how did you like those paddle tires with your +4 setup?
depeds on where you ride... both quads were stock bore/stroke and set up for 300ft in very soft sand
Here is mine with a +6 T-Dub, I have since changed to a +2 Lonestar

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Any more?
+4" ASR..... not the mx and not their drag version.... it is oval tube with bracing...

+4" Podos...

+6" forgot the brand....

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