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Exhaust Popping

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my exhaust pops on the acceleration and deceleration bad i still need to go up in size on the pilot jet because i retarded the cam. How should i change my jetting to make it stop
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if it was working fine before the mod, most people just up the pilot i think, and that should help a good deal with your popping. try the pilot first, and see if that works out, if its still popping, give us a list of what jets you have, and what other mods you have.
I just had the same problem this last week at the dunes. Try pulling your airbox lid off and running like that for a while. I didn't think it would help any but it made all the difference for me. I'd recommend getting an outterwear for your filter if you're going to run with it off all the time though.

I ended up at a 45pilot, 3rd clip, 165 main 2.5 turns out and the lid off.....but you're much higher elevation than me I'm sure.
I'm running a K&N filter, Jardine slip on exhaust, and the cam mod.
i have the lid off with a k & n filter on it. I have a 178 main jet and a 45 pilot jet. I am movin the main jet down the 172 because i am getting excess gas in the pipe and that is why it is piping. But i am moving the pilot jet up to a 48 first and see if that fixes the problems
sounds like you're gettin there. i'd only change one thing at a time though till you get it where you want it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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