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Exhaust Head Pipe Size?

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Is the exhaust pipe that comes from the head the same diameter for all ATV's? I'm looking to possibly put a slip-on for my son's TRX90 and was just curious. I bought my YFZ used and it came w/a HMF slip on already. Thanks Chuck
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No, they're pretty much all different. I mean, I'm sure there are some that are the same. Best bet is to get a system that's made for that particular quad.
Thank you sir- The only reason I asked was I went to Motorsports (no disrespect to the sponsors- just found this site yesterday) and it had my YFZ loaded and when I added the 90, it gave a lot of slip-on's that said it fit both. That just made me curious.
It's just that the companies that make the slip-ons for the YFZ also make slip-ons for the 90. I know for a fact those two headers are not even close to the same diameter.
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