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Engine Part Out

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I have a 05 YFZ 450, and the rod seized to the crank and don't really want to fix it if I don't have too. I was hoping to part out the engine to get the cash to buy a good used motor. This is basically a "feeler" to see if I can make enough to justify parting it out, so prices are obo at this point, and I will not sell/ship until I have most of the parts called for. Thanks

Complete Cylinder head with cams, valves, valve cover etc. 350

Cylinder (stock Bore) has usual wear for 3 summers of riding-100

Clutch side engine case- 75

stator side engine case- 75


complete clutch assembly-100

clitch cover-25

stator cover-35

tranny gears-100

je 14:1 piston-50
let me know if you see something in the pile I did not list. The bike ran great and shifted great untill this rod seized (it still turns over, but randomly binds up every few revolutions)

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QUOTE (m36indiana @ Mar 9 2009, 06:45 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=755899
how many hrs on the piston?[/b]
10 maybee. Put it in the quad in July before a St. Anthony trip, and the crank locked up 2nd day we were there
how much shipped for the valves to ny?
QUOTE (atvman8351 @ Mar 10 2009, 02:06 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=756154
how much shipped for the valves to ny?[/b]
Sorry, selling the head complete with the valves. They where just removed to check for any damage.
Hello, Are the clutches good and what kind are they? How much shipped to Waverly, OH 45690
Sent you a message about the cylinder, stator-side case, and the transmission :icon_biggrin:
Could I get some better pic's of the head? Thanks

hey what kind of condition are the cases in? are they still for sale? pm me or email me at [email protected]


I will take the stator side case half if it is still available
can I get some pics of the Head (complete, and piston?) I'm interested.
I will take both main cases for $150 shipped
I have sent you a few pm's do you still want to sell most of these parts????
Does this have a kicker assembly? If so, how much shipped to 21144?
I don't think he wants to sell this stuff, I have sent him 3 pms and gave him a free bump. HEY DUDE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SELL STUFF THEN DON'T LIST IT!!!!!! OTHERWISE ANSWER YOUR PM'S
did you sell everything ? I need the head. get a hold of me. Thanks
i've pm'd many times without a response. don't know what's up?
Price on that Arizona Sweet Tea?
Would You Be Willing To Sell Just The Inner Clutch Hub
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